Zach Lindblad

Programming his first game in his teens, and playing games far longer, Zach firmly believes in the tenant of game design married to coding. He's always working at something, in or out of school. To date Zach has released 3 android games, and 2 PC games. With skills from C++ to Java, to Prolog and Lua, Zach is always looking to push both his design and technical skills. For him, Hello World is the first part in the 4 part 'Programmatic' series of games he's been throwing around since high school. Zach will find any excuse to use Linux and/or Perl.

Eric Schmitt

Eric was introduced to gaming when his uncle handed-down an old NES and has been hooked ever since. After developing a deep fascination with computers, Eric decided to turn a hobby into a career through the Computer Science: Game Design major at UCSC. Now comes the age old test of finding a job!


Alan Haug

Alan Haug started his gaming career on his neighbor's NES playing wholesome Nintendo games like Contra and the Legend of Zelda. He has since learned how to write programs and create his own computer games. Alan is still looking for a job in the game industry for when he finishes college. He aspires to utilize his artistic and musical abilities along with his programming chops to create a truly unique and immersive video game experience that will leave a lasting and meaningful impression on the player.

Michael Olson

Despite his talents and opportunities in the field of music, Michael's unwavering passion for games has led him to where he is today. As the final days of college near, Michael looks forward to an exciting new chapter in his life as he pursues his dream of a career in game production and design. Michael's sights are currently focused on exploring the new genre of MOBA/ARTS games that are developing quickly.


Logan Freesh

When he was five, Logan started gaming on his parent's Atari 2600. He hasn't looked back since, developing games as a hobby, then eventually as a major, and hopefully soon as a career. He is eager to join the game development industry, and is excited by the untapped narrative potential of the medium.


Chris Ueda

Christopher Ueda is an aspiring programmer and designer with a broad perspective on games. His interest in any game genre parallel his wide range of hobbies in general, from music and arts to fishing and snowboarding. More than anything, he enjoys the discussion and sharing of ideas that only a quality game can provide. Chris now enters the field of game development with a goal: to show others what games have shown him.


Bryan Harbich

Deep in recesses of the darkest code bases, past the enums and structs, nestled deep within the most private of variables, a legend is written. For 20 years it gestated, until the time had come. Now is that time, where the entire world will creak and groan on its axis, as the harbinger of the true code comeith. His name is Bryan, COMPILER BORN!


Nick Jones

Nick's interest in computers took root at an early age, when he spent much of his time watching and helping his father as he slowly turned a box of discarded parts into a functional machine. That coupled with his deep-seated love for, and sometimes unhealthy addiction to video games has led him to where he is today: on the path of turning his hobbies into his career. Nick hopes to one day have a chance to expand the frontiers of gaming, exploring new and innovative design concepts and what truly defines a game, and is eager to take part in the endless possibilities of the industry.


Chelsea Cramer

Chelsea's childhood was largely spent adventuring outdoors, playing video games, or reading fantasy novels. This has instilled in her a love of adventure and storytelling that is reflected largely in her artwork.


Amanda Ross

Amanda is open to the activities around her as she partakes in various forms of art from dancing and gymnastics to screenwriting and graphic design. Although she aspires for direction, she continues to try new fields to broaden her ideas of art. Already curious with how she could interact with individuals through her art, she found game design to be a great opportunity to actively engage her viewers with it. She looks forward to new opportunities to further her exploration just like the searching cosmonaut.

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